Get Ready To Take Control Of Your Health & Wellness
Regain balance in all areas of your life - Emotional, Sleep, Nutrition, Immune Function, Heart Health.

Wellness Coaching & Mapping

$25 for 1 hour of coaching

If you choose to proceed with a program you will receive $25 towards your first order.

Raindrop Technique

$75 for a 1-hour session

What is a Wellness Coach?
Someone who listens to and understands their client's lifestyle and makes custom recommendations that can improve your well-being and overall enjoyment of life. Someone who helps you take control of your health and be empowered to make changes you are confident with.

What is Raindrop?
This technique can facilitate the relief of pain quickly as well as improve physical and emotional well-being, increasing the opportunity for the body to facilitate healing.

Because Raindrop Technique is a non-manipulative modality, it is highly beneficial for those recovering from injury or unable to receive modalities such as chiropractic or physio.

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