Single Session - Pay as You Go
Introductory price $97/ session (Regular $147 / session)
Note: No product is included

Intermediate Package - Pre-payment of SIX treatments
Introductory price $1,100/pkg (regular $1,177) (GST incl)
Includes skin care system and two key anti-aging supplements valued at $675 retail*
Pay as you go price would be $1,557.00 - a savings of $380.00 $457
Premier Package - Pre-payment of TWELVE treatments
Introductory price $1,500/pkg (regular $1,897) (GST incl)
Includes skin care system and two key anti-aging supplements valued at $675 Retail*
Pay as you go price would be $2,389.00 - a savings of $492.00 $889
*Retail value refers to the retail price I sell YL products for in Canada

Intermediate and Premier Packages include 10% off future maintenance sessions!! And wholesale pricing on skincare and supplements.
$132 - Single Session Maintenance 
$500 - Four Treatment Maintenance Pkg (15% savings)

NOTE: Most clients prefer the SIX treatment package with products for their maintenance sessions.

In order to protect your investment, follow-up treatments are recommended. The frequency depends on individual factors… usually, one session every four to six weeks is sufficient.

Purchasing your skincare at wholesale
You can set up a FREE wholesale account to purchase your skin care products, supplements, and all other products, and have them directly to your doorstep or post office box. No need to pay retail. 

I am here to answer any questions you have and make sure you get the best value for your money. YL offers gifts with purchase and you do not want to miss out on those. Reach out and I can help you get started with the products that make sense for you and what you are looking for.